IFTTT - If This Then That


IFTTT or “If This Then That” is a free web-based service that aggregates many other web apps into one place and can then perform actions given a certain set of criteria.

IFTTT is made to create recipes - If something happens in one service This (Trigger), Then something should Happen in another service That (Action). This whole chain is called Applet.

As a trigger service can be used Maker service that allows you to communicate with IFTTT through a Web request (POST).

The Maker service is useful for BigClown Hub integration.

How to create a new Applet?

  1. The first step is to create your account on IFTTT.

  2. After login, click on your username in the top-right corner and open menu, then Select "New Applet".

  3. This opens a page with "if this Then That". First select the trigger service "this".

  4. From the list of all services, select trigger Maker service.

  5. Connect to the Maker channel and select option "Receive a web request".

  6. Fill the event name and select "Create Trigger".

  7. The last step brings you back to the page "Then if this That".

    But this time set action „that“.

  8. Choose action service that you want to affected by trigger service and follow the service instructions.

  9. Finally click on "Create action" and you are done!

How to send data to IFTTT using Maker service?

When you create an account on the Maker service, maker generates a unique key that allows you to communicate with IFTTT.

This key can be found in the Maker settings.

For information about Maker service follow these instructions:

  1. Search for Maker service. (On the top bar of IFTTT page, click on "Search".)

  2. On the "About" page click on "Settings" (in the top-right corner).

  3. Last step brings you to settings page for Maker service.

    Here you will need URL that contains the unique Maker key.

  4. Click on URL, that will bring you to how-to page.

According to these instructions, you can build a final address where you can send data.

The final address will look like this:


  • {event} - Step 6 in the instructions "How to create an new applet?".
  • {key} – your Maker unique key

Data is sent using the POST method in the JSON format:

{"value1": "your_first_value", "value2": "your_second_value", "value3": "your_third_value"}

You can send up to 3 values in one request.


A simple Python 3 example for BigClown Hub has been provided to test IFTTT service. You can find it in the following GitHub repository: BigClown IFTTT Service Integration Example.


  1. Set your event name and Maker key in _url variable in IFTTTWorker class.

  2. If you want, you can modify constants for temperature thresholds and hysteresis:

TEMPERATURE_TRESHOLD_HIGH = {top threshold temperature}
TEMPERATURE_TRESHOLD_LOW = {bottom threshold temperature}
TEMPERATURE_ALARM_HYSTERESIS = {temperature hysteresis}
  1. Run it:

python3 ifttt-bigclown.py

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