Blynk - Mobile App Builder

This tutorial will show you how to connect to BigClown.Hub remotely from your smartphone.

Installation Procedure

  1. Install Blynk on your smartphone / tablet.

    Just use Google Play or App Store.

  2. Run Blynk and select Create new project.

  3. Give it a name (e.g. “bigclown demo”) and select Generic Board as a hardware.

  4. Write down your Auth Token (or let the application to send it to you by e-mail).

    TODO Configure Blynk Auth token via MQTT.

  5. Create an Menu element for LED.

    Set output as virtual pin V1 (see below for pin assignment).

  6. Create selections “on”, “off”, “1 dot”, “2 dot”, and “3 dot” as menu items.

  7. Create relay button on pin V19.

  8. Create widgets for your sensors, i.e. humidity, temperature, lux-meter and barometer.

  9. Now you have a working Blynk dashboard.

If you will contend with busy state of the virtual pin, then you should simply logout and login to Blynk app again.

Virtual Pin Assignment for Blynk

Virtual PIN Part of topic Payload key Unit
1 led/- state on, off, 1-dot, 2-dot, 3-dot
2 thermometer/i2c0-48 temperature °C
3 thermometer/i2c1-48 temperature °C
4 thermometer/i2c0-49 temperature °C
5 thermometer/i2c1-49 temperature °C
6 lux-meter/i2c0-44 illuminance lux
7 lux-meter/i2c1-44 illuminance lux
8 lux-meter/i2c0-45 illuminance lux
9 lux-meter/i2c1-45 illuminance lux
10 barometer/i2c0-60 pressure kPa
11 barometer/i2c0-60 altitude m
12 barometer/i2c1-60 pressure kPa
13 barometer/i2c1-60 altitude m
14 humidity-sensor/i2c0-5f relative-humidity %
15 -- -- --
16 humidity-sensor/i2c1-5f relative-humidity %
17 -- -- --
18 co2-sensor/i2c0-38 concentration ppm
19 relay/i2c0-3b state true, false
20 relay/i2c0-3f state true, false

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